Review: 5 stars!
The Ultramarines Banner I have purchased from B.A.S. Gaming Banners is of marvelous quality, reasonably priced for what you receive, and perfect for any gaming occasion, both for casual and competitive play. I would highly recommend B.A.S. Gaming Banners for any who seek to add some personalization to their gaming scene!          Youtube user: VallumDominatio


“The foes of the Emperor tremble before my Titans’ banners, displaying the kills of years past and victories won…”                                                                                                    The amount of effort that went into making my two banners was seemingly endless, and the result perfectly embodied the vision I had set out to achieve. Both the Legio Crucius Titan banner and the Clan Kaargul Iran Hands banner came out perfect.  Their detail is amazing and their intimidation factor is second to none. Months of emails and phone calls resulted in these two amazing banners, leading up to scores of people at Adepticon 2017 watching the kill markings rack up as the week long titan gaming commenced.  Custom kill markings were created to fill my banner and the custom text was laid out in the exact position I wanted.  I would highly recommend purchasing one of these banners if you are looking to take your gaming to the next level.          Ben A., Denver CO


The Cadian 8th banner is awesome!!  I bought a freshly stamped purity seal from B.A.S. Gaming at Adepticon 2017 and wore it during the only game I played that weekend. A squad of combi-melta Chaos Terminators deep striked behind my Knight Commander Pask in his Leman Russ Punisher. The Chaos Terminators got two penetrating hits, and I had one hull point left. All I had was a 6+ cover save between me and certain destruction, so I asked the purity seal for the Emperor’s favor, and damned if I didn’t roll two 6’s.  The Purity Seals actually work!                                   Richard M., Eagle Ordinary

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